Know 5 Facts About Cats that Are Interesting and Rarely Heard

Know 5 Facts About Cats that Are Interesting and Rarely Heard

In this world, surely many people claim to be cat lovers. However, some of may not know the facts about cats. Actually this adorable animal has a secret that you must know as a cat lover. The hidden facts are guaranteed to make you more affectionate to this little cute animal.

Well, actually what are the facts about cats that should be known? There are one, two, three or more? Surely you are curious cat lovers, right? Ok, let’s go.

Cat Sensitive Hearing and Smell

1. Has a very sensitive hearing and smell

The fact number 1 is they has a very sensitive hearing and smell. As we know, dogs are one of the mammals that have the sharpest hearing among other animals. But, it turns out that cats have sensitive hearing compared to dogs. It has a hearing limit of 65 kHz. So, don’t be surprised if it behaves strangely when we humans don’t hear anything. Then, it also has a very sharp sense of smell. Therefore, when we keep a cat and have not cleaned the place to defecate, he will never use the area to remove the feces. So, we must be diligent in cleaning up the meow’s sand city.

Cat Sensitive Animal

2. Is a very sensitive animal

Compared to dogs, cats are ignorant animals. Yes, even though he has known the employer for a long time, it has no effect on him. However, this animal has a surprising advantage behind its ignorant nature. That is he is a very sensitive animal. According to research conducted by Moriah Galvan and Jennifer Vonk of the University of Oakland, Michigan, United States there is some evidence that cats can feel a change in mood from their employers. He can understand human emotions more than expected.

Cat Around Ship Harbor

3. Facts behind cats that have nine lives

Surely you are familiar with the sentence cat has nine lives. Because from the first many myths circulating that the four-legged animal could escape death several times. The proof, he can survive even if he falls from any height. But, the fact that he had nine lives was not true. Because the cat turns out to have the ability to reflex straighten the body in the air which will land its feet first before it touches the ground. Therefore, he was not hurt at all and avoided death.

Cat Sticking Tongue Out

4. Cats that apparently do not have dirty bacteria on their bodies

Did you know that cats don’t have dirty bacteria on their bodies? According to research from Dr. George Maqshud, he revealed that the cat’s tongue does not contain germs. In addition, only a small portion of the body contains bacteria. This is evidenced by cats who do not like to bathe. Why don’t bacteria prefer animals that don’t like to bathe? Wow, that is very wrong. Cats don’t like bathing because they realize that water is a fertile place for bacterial growth. So, he does not like water because it avoids transferring bacteria to his body.

Cat and Human Playing

5. Can improve human health

Cats are often considered as carriers of the disease. Starting from toxo, allergies or asthma. In addition, he said, it can also cause infertility, miscarriage, and defects in babies from birth. However, that is not entirely true. Therefore, these diseases are usually carried by the environment or food consumed. So, it’s not all the cat’s fault. But, behind the facts above there are also many benefits of cats for humans. The benefit is that cats can eliminate excessive emotions, depression, anxiety, and even reduce the risk of a heart attack. So, until now many doctors have mentioned that these soft-bristled animals are often used to cure a disease.

That’s it, now, we already know the facts about cats that have been hidden so far. Apparently, it has many benefits for humans you know. So, for those who don’t like cats, throw away those thoughts. From now on, love the animal and never drive it away if it asks you to eat anywhere. Is anyone interested in raising a cat after this?

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